We bring the sun to you.


Imagine going to your local hardware store and getting a solar tile kit, which costs less than taking a family of four to the movie theater. You, yourself will assemble the tiles within minutes. It’s a tile that is only a few inches thick, and a few square feet in area and can easily be carried by one person. You can install it anywhere on the house using simple nails on the wals, on the roof, and on anywhere that sees the sun. The tiles require no electrical wiring because they are self-powered using sunlight and wirelessly controlled. YOU can guide the sunlight using any laptop or smartphone, for a personalized green experience, or let the tiles use the internal smarts to figure out the best way to use sunlight.

The tiles can direct light for natural lighting, can be used to reflect light away from roof for natural cooling, can direct light towards solar panels for more efficient photovoltaics, heat water, grow house plants faster, and even form impromptu solar cookers. The solar tile has a custom integrated circuit that can measure the guided light and local environment. You can get instant feedback on your green-ness through your smartphone relaying information to your facebook page. The sensors and tags in each tile will allow one to monitor the location, the environment, energy output personally at their own home. Anybody can save money on energy using sunlight themselves, without labor and infrastructure costs in creative ways. Suntomics will bring the sun to you and make solar energy use pervasive and perSUNnel.

Recent News

  • December 2014
    Started setting up a test facility in Los Angeles, CA.
  • November 2014
    Demonstration of pathogen reduction in soil using MCSP prototype.